Luca Salvioni

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Hello and welcome!

My name is Luca Salvioni.

24 years old, born and raised in Italy. Undergraduate student @Polimi and erasmus Student @DMU. Interested in almost everything but mostly arts, sports and music. Windows user, definetly not a coder.

I want to IMPROVE. Work HARDER. Craft BEAUTIFUL things in order to make people HAPPIER and the world a BETTER place.

I like to work on:

I'm skilled with:

Il Novecento

A project from the laboratory held by Anna Steiner and Paolo Accanti. A book collecting the most important pages of the whole nineteenth century from the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, from the rise to power of the controversial politician Giovanni Giolitti to the events of 9/11.


A branding project developed during the second semester of my second year @Polimi. A laboratory from Proff. Elio Carmi and Francesco E. Guida based on the idea of place branding of fictional places. Valar Morghulis.


Project designed in August 2013 consisting of animation, rendering A/V editing and some minor 3D modeling. Explainatory and promotional video required by CCL Design Italia for the launch on the Italian market of CCLed Industrial Lighting.


Concept, photo shooting and editing of the whole media mix together with the event brand. Advertising campaign for the sport event organized by the students' union La Terna Sinistrorsa @Polimi.

The Raven

An animation scripted, designed, produced and edited during the CAD module @DMU during my Erasmus exchange in Leicester. Starting from a simple brief: a 1-minute animation based on objective facts about an animal, was produced this short video with a dark hue. Video size and quality were fixed.


A booklet crafted for the RambleScramble branding idea on a module from Prof. John Crawford @DMU. What would have happened if the best journeys had been resolved with a flight? RambleScramble starts from the idea of enjoying the road and travelling around on foot.


A project submitted for the YCN awards focusing on an app that enhances the in-store shopping experience guiding you through the isles using agumented reality. In addition to that, other features aim to be a retention tool for customers.

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